Brian Downing · Jan 8, 2018

Windows executable from a Cache MUMPS routine

This is probably a very naive question but :
Is it possible to create a Windows executable file from a Cache MUMPS (COS) routine, such that the routine can be run directly from Windows ?
If so, could some kind soul direct me to a source of information that describes the process.
I am using the free Intersystems Cache installation (CachePCkit V2017.1) on Windows 10 for my own use & personal development.


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Thanks for the link Vivek - though it's a bit like Vogon poetry to me at the moment.
Have you a supporting overview that could give me more of a sense of direction ?


Another man of culture & letters I see Jorge !

Thanks for that John.  Yes, I had a vague memory of such from the days when I was a Biomedical Scientist using MSM MUMPS in the UK NHS.
Shame it can't be done now though, I was looking forward to idling away some of my retirement by brushing up my MUMPS !

Thanks Marc - I'll hold on to that thought if the MSM approach does not work for me.

No, it's not possible to do this with Caché.

Some old-timers (like myself) may recall MSM-Workstation, which could do this kind of thing.

Brian, if you don't mind using 20-year-old software, the link in my previous reply goes to a page from where I think MSM-Workstation can still be downloaded.

Thanks very much for that John.
I'll not be able to try anything for a few days now, but I'll give it a whirl as soon as I get chance.

The page at looks like this:

Use the link I've highlighted.

You may also need some of the Hints & Tips entries, and/or Patches entries.

If you get stuck I suggest you contact me directly, using the "John Murray" link near the top of that page.

John,  I've had a quick look at your MSM site before I go away.
Can you point me to the MSM-Workstation facility I need to investigate  to produce a Windows executable file.
Appreciate your support John.

Does it need to be a binary executable or would a batch file work? It is possible to execute a Caché routine/method from a Windows command line or batch file by invoking the Caché binary and passing it the name of what you want to execute.

The docs give this example for freezing and thawing the database for backups:

CD C:\InterSystems\E20131\mgr\
..\bin\cache -s. -B -V -U%SYS ##Class(Backup.General).ExternalThaw()