· Jan 8, 2018

Windows executable from a Cache MUMPS routine

This is probably a very naive question but :
Is it possible to create a Windows executable file from a Cache MUMPS (COS) routine, such that the routine can be run directly from Windows ?
If so, could some kind soul direct me to a source of information that describes the process.
I am using the free Intersystems Cache installation (CachePCkit V2017.1) on Windows 10 for my own use & personal development.


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Does it need to be a binary executable or would a batch file work? It is possible to execute a Caché routine/method from a Windows command line or batch file by invoking the Caché binary and passing it the name of what you want to execute.

The docs give this example for freezing and thawing the database for backups:

CD C:\InterSystems\E20131\mgr\
..\bin\cache -s. -B -V -U%SYS ##Class(Backup.General).ExternalThaw()