· Dec 19, 2023

Windows DOS call from a routine

I have written an in network single web page containing a jquery datatable. I want to add the "href" tag to link the Terminal window based on the IP.

Below is a list of failed attempts to make this work.

W " <td><a href=""javascript:pass('"_PASS_"|"_IP_"|"_USER_"|"_PORT_"')"">Terminal</a></td>"


" <td><a href=""javascript:openCMD('test')"">Terminal</a></td>"


" <td><a href=""C:\\Cachesys\bin\cterm.exe /console=cn_iptcp:ip[23"">Terminal</a></td>"

 " function openCMD(ip) {"
 W " var oShell = new window.ActiveXObject(""WScript.Shell"");"
 W " oShell.Run(""dir *.*"");"
 W " oShell.Run(""C:\\Cachesys\bin\cterm.exe /console=cn_iptcp:ip[23]"");"
 " };"

Please note that it is only within the network with no access to the outside. I am aslo aware that the ActiveXObject no longer works on IE.

Can anyone with expertise help with the problem, please?



Product version: Caché 2013.1
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Just to be clear, are you trying to run the OS-level command on the server, or on the client?

If you're trying to run it on the server, check the documentation for the $ZF -100 command.

If you're trying to run it on the client, you're going to run into all kinds of security issues, and for very good reasons.

Edit: just saw that you're on Cache 2013. You might have to use $ZF -1 instead of -100.


this web page is on the client. Right now it is on my machine. this is not going to be deployed anywhere; it is simply a tool to access information across the Cache databases 

I tried $zf and that works only for very simple command like $zf(-1,"dir *.*"). but it does not work some more complicated statements. I tried a javascript functions, but IE does not allow it, anymore.

there has to be a way to do this. No?