· May 26, 2016 1m read

Windows, Caché and virus scanners

I have seen a customer problem recently where the use of a virus scanner running over Caché databases was causing intermittent application slow downs and bad user response times.

This is a surprisingly common problem, so this short post is just a reminder to exclude key Caché components from your virus scanning.

Generally virus scanning must exclude the CACHE.DAT database files and Caché binaries. If an anti-virus is scanning CACHE.DATs and InterSystems files then system performance will be significantly impacted.

Specifically anti-virus software must exclude Caché files including the following:
* Caché databases (CACHE.DAT).
* Caché executable in the Ensemble/bin or cache/bin directory.
* Write Image Journal (WIJ).
* Journal files in the journal directory.

More details are available in the online documentation.

Latest Caché documentation

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