· Feb 3, 2023

Why to run ISC Agent in Demo Docker ?

For quite some time I am bored by slowly starting Docke Demos from OEX.
I type

docker-compose up - d

and after a few seconds

docker-compose logs

And I just see ISC Agent was started and is hanging around
No IRIS instance is up yet.

To my understanding, ISC Agent  is totally useless in this single server instance
So with some investigations, I found a start parameter to avoid this behavior.
And now my IRIS instances start immediately (or what you can expect in a container).
What is it:  --ISCAgent false  applied in docker-compose.yaml:

 Is there any reason not to do it if no MIIROR is in the game ? 
Or any other reason or requirement?

Product version: IRIS 2022.2
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And another thing were boring me, is that during the build with Dockerfile, there is no way to run normal IRIS but very minimal, as fast as possible, but fully functional, and suggested that as an idea. During the build, there are no need in ECP, TaskManager and Ensemble, even many having many Write Daemons, and also PWS (where it's left). Do not waste time, starting useless processes.