· Oct 19, 2018

Which one is best way to handle the session(CSP SessionId/OAuth 2.0/EWD)

Hi All,

I want to connect with Python pages from cache database by using Restful API's. I'm not sure which one is best method.  I have mentioned below the methods. Please post your thoughts. 

1) CSP Session

2) OAuth 2.0(Delegated access)

3) EWD(Enterprise web development)

Thanks in advance. 


Arun Kumar Durairaj. 

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Hi Arun,

The simplest solution is to use the CSP session with a custom login page. That way you can use the built-in CSP authentication. Sergey's answer to this post has a good example: The downside is that it's not truly stateless, and it requires you to serve your web files through CSP.

If your web application isn't connected to CSP, I recommend using OAuth 2.0. This is a little more work since it involves setting up an authorization server. There's an excellent series of tutorials here: