Where are local studio settings stored?

Okay, so I ran into a rather odd bug. I have a remote test machine (tst-intersystems) running for which I accidently opened a lot of windows in my Studio (i.e. 500+). The result is that the studio runs out of memory and crashes. Now, every time I try to connect to this remote machine studio immediately attempts to open all windows effectively not allowing me to start studio anymore.

Now, apparently the windows I have opened in Studio are stored locally since I can just rename the tst-intersystems (via intersystems tray icon -> preferred server -> add/edi)t and then I can start the studio without having the windows open. However, whenever I change the name back to tst-intersystems (i'd prefer this) and start up studio I get all the windows again (and the crash). So, I suspect that the "open studio windows per server" are stored somewhere locally. Does anyone got an idea where so I can delete them and can have my tst-intersystems name back??

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all Studio settings are stored in Windows registry.
Search with regedit for InterSystem

Open regedit.exe, go to this path

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\InterSystems\Cache Studio\Documents

When you can find folders by name of server and namespace. And by project name.

You can just remove this project's folder, and start studio again.


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