· Jun 25

What is the Synonym of $property for Embedded Python?

Hi folks!

I have a need to use symilar to $property function from Python. Here is the code:


for property, value in data.items():

 $property( ; I invented this

How could I do this? Any trick?

For now I plan to implement a helper function in iris that I will call, but I doubt also how can I transfer oref to IRIS.


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Hi Evgeny,

Not saying this is best way but this indirection can be achieved with python eval. For example:

$Classmethod equivalent


$Property equivalent

Instantiating a Python exception and then iterate over properties printing out name and value:


for propertyname in ["Name","Code","Data","Location"]:

    print(f"Property Name {propertyname} has value {propvalue}\n")

output was:

Property Name Name has value MyOops
Property Name Code has value 123
Property Name Data has value SomeData
Property Name Location has value def+123^XYZ

And for completeness: setting a property with a name not known until runtime can be done with the counterpart of getattr, setattr:

USER>do ##class(%SYS.Python).Shell()

Python 3.10.6 (main, Mar 10 2023, 10:55:28) [GCC 11.3.0] on linux
Type quit() or Ctrl-D to exit this shell.
>>> e=iris.cls("%Exception.PythonException")._New("MyOops",123,"def+123^XYZ","SomeData")
>>> e.Name
>>> setattr(e,'Name','TheirOops')
>>> e.Name