· May 24, 2021

What is the most organized way to include in an interoperability project all the classes, starting from a given service?


First of all thank you for your time reading our topic


We would need some help from experienced people

We have a SOAP Service with more than 10 methods

Our aim is to include all classes being used by this SOAP Service, in a Studio project


The challenge is that there are plenty Data classes (which extends from (%SerialObject, %XML.Adaptor))


▶️ Is there a recommended way to include all project's classes in a Studio project?

➡️ Is there an automatically manner to given the name of the SOAP Service, group all related clases in a Studio project?


➕ℹ️  In addition, to give more details, we have a Studio project with many of the classes that make up the development.

Is there any way to check if the classes that we have in the Studio project, are all the ones that are part of the development?



We have already tried to export the SOAP Service recursively


However it exports less classes than expected:

Exportando clase: EsquemasDatos.AdministracionElectronica.SIGRE.EntradaServices.tns.AdjuntaDocumentacionFisica
Exportando clase: Mensajes.Response.AdministracionElectronica.SIGRE.ConsultaPendientesRecepcionResponse
Exportando clase: Mensajes.Response.AdministracionElectronica.SIGRE.ObtenerUnidadesOrganicasResponse
Exportando clase: Servicios.AdministracionElectronica.SIGRE.SIGREServicios


Thanks for your time reading this topic

And thank you for your replies and help.

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