Norman W. Freeman · Aug 19, 2021

What is the maximum size of the URI of a request and how to increase it ?

I have a CSP page that throw a "414 error - Request-URI Too Long" when I put lot of text (eg : 10000 characters) into a field of a submitted form. The form is submitted using POST method.

Based on some experiments I made, it seems the max size of a URL is around 8200 characters.

What is the official limit, and is there a way to increase it ? I searched in the documentation but couldn't find anything.

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That's telling you the URL you're requesting is too long, not the request body. If it was the request body that was too big, that'd be a 413, not a 414. If you're getting that when your form contains a very long entry, you're probably somehow converting the request to a get, not a post, request. Can we see the code for your form as well as how it's being submitted?

Here is some code example

<form name="WWW" id="WWW" action="/csp/foo.cls" method="POST">
    <textarea id="PARAM1" name="PARAM1"></textarea>

Which will result in the following request :

Accept: */*
Content-Type: text/html;charset=UTF-8
Referer: https://something/
Content-Length: 0
Connection: Keep-Alive
Cache-Control: no-cache

As you can see, input value is added to the url, just like a GET.

The maximum URI size in Apache is usually 8,177 characters, but increasing that isn't the problem. Somewhere in your program, the value of your input is getting appended onto the URI, and it shouldn't be. Can you see anywhere that your program might be doing that?

You are right. There is actually two ways the program send requests : either by submitting form (which result in fields being added to the body of the request as expected). And another way for server side  validation, using a XMLHttpRequest. It append everything to the URI. I might fix that part.