· Sep 3, 2021

What is InterSystems SSO social account?


Under the social tab of my profile I found "InterSystems SSO" account along with my other social accounts.

What is InterSystems SSO account and to utilize it?


Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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Just curious - where are you seeing this?  Could you please include a URL?

The InterSystems SSO account is what controls your access to open as well as restricted applications provided by InterSystems to help customers and prospects get stuff done.  If you go to you can see the various apps available to you (after you sign in).  This would include things like D.C., OEX, Learning, Download, etc for Prospects, and supported customers would also get access to WRC, iService, HS Docs, CCR, etc (depending on what products they have).

Hope that helps - let me know if any additional clarification is needed.