jaroslav rapp · Dec 3, 2021

What happened to embedded SQL ?

When i use &sql(SELECT ......)  in Cache I can watch the generated code
In the generated .int code and see what is happening.
Just with my normal rights

Now in IRIS I have just 4 line calling some class %sqlcq.***
With enough rights i find there is no such class but the generated .int routine
That holds the code that i had in my .int on Cache

Can i switch this back somehow ?

Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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the main reason is the get inspiration for my own Custom Class Queries

do you refer to this ????

$classmethod("%sqlcq."_$tr($namespace,"%_-$@:/\[]^ ","pudsssssssss")_".xETs3uMe2Ehn2LY5inuZiK4xgwnS","%New")

this seems like developers forcing out of embedded SQL

Try the following:

  1. enable "Retain cached query source" as described above
  2. compile your class/project with addition flags "k /compileembedded=1" (see Validating Embedded SQL Code)
  3. open the code of the generated program from the Studio or System Portal like %sqlcq.[YOURNAMESPACE]
  4. Note: at the same time, do not forget to specify checkbox for system items

  5. Profit!


This makes retrieval of generated code better.
But attractive would be exaggerating.