ED Coder · Apr 14, 2020

What causes a dead job alert and How to trace a dead job alert

DeadJobAlert: Job 'X478915' for config item 'Business  Service' was marked as 'dead' under ghost Id 'sys:ZX478915_6117'

This is the error message I get, but can you advice how can I start debugging this? I look at the jobs and I just see "dead" I cant see any information on the message itself.

I would appreciate if you could advice on how to start debugging such a job. Events are also non-informative.

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Hello Eric,

This message indicates that an Ensemble job had unexpectedly terminated. I would recommend checking OS logs or looking for other events that could have triggered a process termination outside of Ensemble.

Thank you for responding to my question Vic. Ok, thats a start, I will check the events and see if there is anything causing the dead jobs.

Eric, your best bet is to investigate at operating-system level; a dead job means it's no longer around as far as can be detected within Ensemble.  As to what to check, this depends very much on the specific OS platform you're running; different ones have different tools.

For Linux, try looking in /var/log/messages.  For Windows, the Event Viewer is where to go.  And there may be useful information in the Caché cconsole.log.  

The WRC can help you with getting to the bottom of problems like these because there are many reasons why a job might die unexpectedly.