· Sep 4, 2017

What is The Best Backup Strategy For a Small-sized Database in Caché?

Hi, folks!

What could be the best backup/restore strategy for a small (less than 100MB) but very valuable database which is placed on AWS/DO virtual host?

1. Use AWS/DO backup/restore features?

2. External backup (as the most recommended)?

3. InterSystems backup?

4. Globals export to a zipped file?

5. cache.dat copy?

Looking for the most robust and easy to use/implement method of backup and restore in a way "setup and forget" (until it becomes needed :)

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Hi Evgeny,

IF you can afford a short OFFLINE state:

#5)  dismount DB / copy of cache.dat to a fast local device / remount it
      move the copy in a secure place: #2, #1

ELSE IF you have to remain online all the time:
#3)  on fast local device + move backup in secure place by #2,#1

NEVER #4) a fair chance for massive inconsitency

[semper fidelis]

Evgeny -

Cache.dat file backup while Cache is down is fast and dependable for a 100MB DB. Or backup the entire AWS directory space if you have additional files (csp files, JS, etc.) and you can restore.

Cache backup is slower and only backs up Cache resources but has the great advantage of running while Cache is up.

Third party backup software can do a pretty good backup but it's still dirty and may have corruption.

An AWS snapshot should work, I've never tested extensively.

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