Websockets issue


I'm trying to use Websockets and understand how it works. To do so, I tried to follow the sample in here :


I opened studio, connected to my server into the USER namespace and use the Tools -> Import Local in order to add the 3 files (app.js.xml, index.html.xml and WebSockets.Main.cls )

I compile without error and use the View -> Web Page and it doesn't work as expected 

I can't see here what's the issue. Does anyone have some ideas ?

Thank you very much.

Jean Baptiste


Your Caché installation has an example in namespace SAMPLES


It works in synchronous mode.

WebSocket Sample
This sample uses the WebSocket protocol to communicate with the server.
Note that it requires a web server compatible with web sockets and the browser also support web sockets,
so the following versions or later IE10, Firefox 11, Chrome 16 Safari 6, Opera 12.