I'm new to Intersystem technology and I'm trying to make this Websocket example works and I have some difficulties ...

So to be clear, I opened Studio and get on the USER namespace. Then I used the "Tools->Import local" and selected the 2 files Chat.Server.cls and ChatTest.csp and then compiled ...

Then I opened my browser (Chrome) and went to : http://(mywebserver)/csp/user/ChatTest.csp

Here, I can see this:


I just delete this part of the code from ChatTest.csp, hoping it's not essential.

But at this point, nothing happens, I can't send message, or at least they don't appear in  the chat history, I'm not even sure I'm really connected

I'm missing what exactly is my problem here so if you have any clue, I'm all ears.

Thank you very much


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