· Jun 18, 2018

(Webinar June 22) It's Just Machine Learning, Not Quantum Physics!

Hi Everybody!

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming  webinar "It's just machine learning, not quantum physics!" on 22th of June at 14:00 (Moscow time)!

Predictive models, developed with the help of machine learning methods, can improve your applications in the areas such as client service, healthcare, risk assessment and many others. Machine learning today is not difficult. A large number of tools and libraries make machine learning available to everyone, and InterSystems IRIS  Data Platform allows you to create and implement a predictive analytics solution quickly — so quickly that we will show you the entire process  of creating a predictive solution using several popular tools such as Apache Spark and TensorFlow in real time.

Presenter: @Anton Umnikov, InterSystems Sales Engineer.

Audience: The webinar is designed for developers.

Note: The language of the webinar is Russian.

We are waiting for you at our webinar! Register nowyes

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And now this webinar recording is available in a dedicated Webinars in Russian playlist on InterSystems Developers YouTube:
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Please welcome!