Anastasia Dyubaylo · Aug 9, 2018

(Webinar August 21) Continuous Delivery Using Containers

Hi Everybody!

We are pleased to invite you to the upcoming webinar "Continuous Delivery Using Containers" on 21st of August at 10:00 (Moscow time)!

Containers provide a number of features that are used at all stages of software development. On this webinar, we'll look at the features of working with containers and the advantages of using containerization technology.

Leveraging GitLab offerings, we will develop a Continuous Delivery pipeline to automate the processes of building, testing and deploying your project on InterSystems technologies using containers.

Upcoming webinar is a continuation of "Git Flows and Continuous Delivery" webinar.

Presenter:  @Eduard Lebedyuk, InterSystems Sales Engineer.

Audience: The webinar is designed for developers.

Note: The language of the webinar is Russian.

We are waiting for you at our webinar! Register now! yes

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