· Jul 3, 2017

Way, way out of my price range

I know this may sound like sour grapes, but really it is not.

I hear all the exciting things about the up coming InterSystems Conference, and I am sure it is.

But it is way, way out of my price range, and I am sure out of the price range of most of the Cache/MUMPS developers, without company backing.

Just wondering what others think.

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I would agree, It may look quite expensive. But I just compared it with some other conferences like Oracle, Apple, Google, and I found that all of them cost quite close, even usually bigger.

I want to add, something. I'm Russian, and for us, it cost even much more expensive than for you. And unfortunately, last three years, I participated GlobalSummit and I think I was alone from Russia, except IS. But anyway, if I am not mistaken, last Global Summit participated by more than 200 people from 23 countries, but most of these people from the US.