Mike Kadow · Jul 3, 2017

Way, way out of my price range

I know this may sound like sour grapes, but really it is not.

I hear all the exciting things about the up coming InterSystems Conference, and I am sure it is.

But it is way, way out of my price range, and I am sure out of the price range of most of the Cache/MUMPS developers, without company backing.

Just wondering what others think.

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Mike, I have re-tagged your post so it appears on the main DC feed. The Developer Community tag and the Developer Community FAQ group are primarily intended for discussion of this DC forum itself.

Though, I do think Google I/O and Apple are also streamed over YouTube.

Can't say much about Oracle...

I would agree, It may look quite expensive. But I just compared it with some other conferences like Oracle, Apple, Google, and I found that all of them cost quite close, even usually bigger.

I want to add, something. I'm Russian, and for us, it cost even much more expensive than for you. And unfortunately, last three years, I participated GlobalSummit and I think I was alone from Russia, except IS. But anyway, if I am not mistaken, last Global Summit participated by more than 200 people from 23 countries, but most of these people from the US.

Yes, they do, but only keynote. And InterSystems streamed keynote, at least in 2015, not sure about last one.