· Apr 15, 2022

VSCode - Is there a Tip or Trick to viewing objects in the Variables pane while debugging?

While I love using VSCode for IRIS development work, one of the persistent frustrations with it has been the inability to display an object hierarch in the variables window while debugging. Only the object's reference identifier is displayed. Cache Studio's handling of the same issue is a little clunky, but it does at least have the option to display something as an object.

For now, I make do with a combination of the watch window and the command line in the debugging console -- but this feels just a step away from log.debug()/console.log() level debugging sometimes.

Did I miss a documentation section or a memo? Is there actually a better way to do this and I simply don't know how?



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@Jonathan Lent 
Starting in IRIS 2020.1.2, 2021.1.1 and 2021.2 you can directly drill down into objects and see all of their properties during debugging. If a variable is an object, you will see its class name in grey next to it and an arrow to expand it like you would a folder in the VS Code file explorer view. This new feature is shown around timestamp 3:30 in this Learning Services produced video on debugging using VS Code.