Tim Stowe · Jun 4, 2021

VS Code, Intersystems Objectscript Extension, connected to Iris community edition Container running on AWS, "failed to save file 'xxx' on the server"

I'm probably missing something really basic here -

  • I spun up a copy of the Iris community edition AMI.  
  • Added Objectscript extension to vscode
  • Added objectscript extension pack to vscode
  • Added server manager to vscode
  • Connected to iris AWS instance using PuTTY
  • Changed password
  • in vscode, I used server tool to add the server

It seems to connect OK; I can see the %SYS and USER namespaces.  I clicked the "edit code in namespace" button and created a bit of hello world code.  However, when I try to save it, I get "failed to save file 'filename.mac' on the server."

I can connect via a browser to the management portal and import a routine that way and it works fine.  

What gives?


Product version: IRIS 2020.4
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When you created the new file in the Explorer tree and named it (for example) foo.mac you should see a new file tab open with a first line like this:

I'm guessing you deleted or replaced that first line. Don't do that. Rather, start coding your routine at line 2. The first line is essential and should not normally be touched.