Tim Stowe · Jun 4

VS Code, Intersystems Objectscript Extension, connected to Iris community edition Container running on AWS, "failed to save file 'xxx' on the server"

I'm probably missing something really basic here -

  • I spun up a copy of the Iris community edition AMI.  
  • Added Objectscript extension to vscode
  • Added objectscript extension pack to vscode
  • Added server manager to vscode
  • Connected to iris AWS instance using PuTTY
  • Changed password
  • in vscode, I used server tool to add the server

It seems to connect OK; I can see the %SYS and USER namespaces.  I clicked the "edit code in namespace" button and created a bit of hello world code.  However, when I try to save it, I get "failed to save file 'filename.mac' on the server."

I can connect via a browser to the management portal and import a routine that way and it works fine.  

What gives?


Product version: IRIS 2020.4
0 0 1 49
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When you created the new file in the Explorer tree and named it (for example) foo.mac you should see a new file tab open with a first line like this:

I'm guessing you deleted or replaced that first line. Don't do that. Rather, start coding your routine at line 2. The first line is essential and should not normally be touched.