Arvind Balachandran · Jun 28, 2021

VS Code and TFVC for source code management


I am trying to use Visual studio code(1.57) for class development and for compiling classes (intersystems tools extension) . It works.

Now, i would like to use TFVC (Team Foundation Version Control) for source control.  

I can see download option where i can manually download the Namespace as folder and classes as files.

Since whenever i save the file, it directly pushes the change to remote system. I am not sure where the local workspace is.

How to configure VS Code to track my changes and Check In / Check out the code.

If there are other ways to achieve source code control in TFVC please let me know

looking for some help here

Arvind Balachandran

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Thanks for your replied. I have tried with 

1. TFS extension for Visual Studio Code
2. TFVC for VS Code

Configured the vscode-tfvc.tfExePath also, but i could not check in/check out intersystems code.
Not sure how to make the classes writable in TF.exe's configured workspace.

If you working with local files, and doesn’t work with ISFS, it should not be any problem, at least from InterSystems point. 
did you export files from the server?

I have added the remote intersystems servers with nameservers in VS Code. 

I can view/edit/Import and compile the class files in VS Code from my local system through workspace as shown in below screenshot.

I need this workspace to be mapped to TFS source control to track the code changes and also to Check IN/OUT to repository.


You might want to take a look at Detanji for source control in place of TFVC.  It is more seamless with IRIS and integrates closely with VS Code and the IRIS Management Portal.