Kevin Furze · Jul 31, 2020

Using the SQL Shell Interface - changing the delimiter in the outputted

cache 2017.2 windows 10

Is there any way to change the sql Shell interface to output a <TAB> between the fields instead of outputting one or more spaces between columns


I needed to run an sql ( that took a while to run) and then  cut and paste the generated output into excel, trouble was the paste into excel was not very good for columns when there's spaces used between the columns



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You can redirect results to the file. If you specify csv format then data is TAB-delimited.

SAMPLES>>set displaymode=csv

displaymode = csv
SAMPLES>>set displaypath=c:\temp\

displaypath = C:\temp\
SAMPLES>>set displayfile=results.txt

displayfile = results.txt
SAMPLES>>select * from Sample.Person
4.      select * from Sample.Person


thats what I'm looking for,

thanks Alexander