Olga Smolyar · Feb 27, 2019

Using CSP Gateway with Apache on WIndows 10 (64-bit) - error "Cannot load c:/InterSystems/IRIS_2019/CSP/bin/CSPa24.dll into server: %1 is not a valid Win32 application"


I'm trying to set up an Apache server using CSP Gateway on Windows 10 (64-bit), but am getting the  error "Cannot load c:/InterSystems/IRIS_2019/CSP/bin/CSPa24.dll into server: %1 is not a valid Win32 application" when attempting to start up httpd.exe after adding the CSP-specific section to httpd.conf.

The CSP gateway is 64-bit (CSPGateway-2018.1.1.643.0-win_x64) and so is the Apache install (httpd-2.4.38-o102q-x64-vc14).

The CSPa24.dll file does exist in the specified location. 

Any suggestions appreciated.

Thank you,


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What does this command return?

dumpbin /headers c:/InterSystems/IRIS_2019/CSP/bin/CSPa24.dll

For me (on IRIS for Windows (x86-64) 2018.2 (Build 241U) Fri Jan 26 2018 01:06:37 EST) it shows:

Dump of file ./CSPa24.dll

PE signature found

File Type: DLL

             14C machine (x86)
               5 number of sections
        5BC558F7 time date stamp Tue Oct 16 06:20:23 2018
               0 file pointer to symbol table
               0 number of symbols
              E0 size of optional header
            2102 characteristics
                   32 bit word machine

Note 14C machine (x86) value, it means that it's a 32bit dll. If you have similar output, I recommend installing 32 bit apache.

yes, internal private apache webserver (PWS), the embedded one coming with the IRIS installation is still 32-bit on windows x64.

"CSPGateway-2018.1.1.643.0-win_x64"  kit should contain 64-bit CSPGateway binarys/dlls.

You can check bitness/architecture of your apache with the command: >httpd -V

Bitness of apache and CSPGateway binarys *must* match!

There is an alternative to dumpbin in order to check bitness of CSPGateway binarys/dlls which IMHO is easier:

Open executable or dll in editor (notepad, notepad++), check the first printable characters *after* the first occurrence of "PE".

This part is most likely to be surrounded by at least some whitespace (could be a lot of it), so it can be easily done visually.




PE  d†


Thank you @Eduard Lebedyuk @Bernd Mueller for the tips - yes, it works with a 32-bit Apache server.  For some reason even though CSPGateway-2018.1.1.643.0-win_x64 is the one installed (it's the only one downloaded), the CSPa24.dll is 32-bit according to the above test.



i just tried and installed from kit-file "CSPGateway-2018.1.1.643.0-win_x64.exe" and the CSPa24.dll included is 64-bit as expected.

The user you are using to run apache / cache. Do they have rights to the file