· Jan 21, 2020


Hi there,
We need your help, in the build pivot with DMX, we don't can run the pivot. The MDX use is:

WITH MEMBER [Measures].[CondicionesContCompleta] AS (     IIf([Measures].[CondicionesContCompleta] = Null, 0,[Measures].[CondicionesContCompleta] ) ) SELECT NON EMPTY (     [Gerencia].Gerencia].[Gerencia] ) ON ROWS, NON EMPTY (     [Measures].[CondicionesContCompleta] ) ON COLUMNS FROM [Condiciones]

and when we executed the pivot display the next dialog.

Error#5001: Expected  operator within tuple: ('SELECT' @pos 156)(2)

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I agree with Peter's suggestions, and I would also recommend wrapping the value expression for your calculated measure in single quotes rather than parentheses. After making these changes (and adding a missing [ to the hierarchy of the level you put on rows), your query might be roughly this:

WITH MEMBER [Measures].[CondicionesContCompletaCalc] AS 'ISNULL([Measures].[CondicionesContCompleta],0)' SELECT NON EMPTY ([Gerencia].[Gerencia].[Gerencia]) ON 1, NON EMPTY ([Measures].[CondicionesContCompletaCalc]) ON 0 FROM [Condiciones]

After looking at this some more, there are another couple of suggestions I would make:

- If you want to display each member of the [Gerencia].[Gerencia].[Gerencia] level in its own row, you should use [Gerencia].[Gerencia].[Gerencia].MEMBERS as the set expression on rows. Your current syntax will return a single row.

- It's unnecessary to wrap the set expressions on rows and columns in parentheses. (You may, of course, need to use parentheses in these expressions if they involve functions such as NONEMPTYCROSSJOIN(level1.MEMBERS,level2.MEMBERS), but an expression like [Gerencia].[Gerencia].[Gerencia].MEMBERS by itself doesn't need them.)

- If you aren't already using it, you may find it helpful to use the Analyzer, as this gives you an interface to create pivot tables to display the data you want without having to write the MDX from scratch and worry about its syntax. When you create or modify a pivot table in the Analyzer, the underlying MDX query is generated, and is executed either automatically (by default) or when you refresh the pivot. If your goal is to create pivot tables and dashboards, you may not need to interact with the query text at all if you don't want to; if you're running queries programmatically, you can create a pivot table and then view the MDX that was generated (click on the pencil-and-paper icon above the "Columns" box) and use it as a template for your queries.

Hi Peter, change te code but the execute pivot display de same error:

The MDX used:

WITH MEMBER [Measures].[CondicionesContCompletaCalc] AS (     ISNULL([Measures].[CondicionesContCompleta], 0) ) SELECT NON EMPTY (     [Gerencia].Gerencia].[Gerencia] ) ON ROWS, NON EMPTY (     [Measures].[CondicionesContCompletaCalc] ) ON COLUMNS FROM [Condiciones]

The error displayed:

Error#5001: Expected  operator within tuple: ('SELECT' @pos 156)(2)

Hi Rodrigo,

This MDX query uses several suggestions from my comments below:

WITH MEMBER [Measures].[CondicionesContCompletaCalc] AS 'ISNULL([Measures].[CondicionesContCompleta],0)' SELECT NON EMPTY [Gerencia].[Gerencia].[Gerencia].MEMBERS ON 1, NON EMPTY [Measures].[CondicionesContCompletaCalc] ON 0 FROM [Condiciones]

If you try that and it doesn't work, please feel free to contact InterSystems support and we can help you with further debugging.