Tiago Pereira · Nov 18

Upgrade Caché version

Hi everybody!

I'm new to a Caché world and need some help! Where I work we are running Cache 2016.1 version in a server, and 2018.1 in another server. I want to upgrade the version 2016.1 to 2018.1, but I fear it can raise some errors tha I cant resolve yet. My doubt is,  if I upgrade it will run ok?

Thanks in advance!

Product version: Caché 2016.1
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Hi Tiago,

There is always a risk of getting errors after an upgrade, depending how your application uses Caché.
For example : your application could use custom data/code that is stored in the manager's database, and that database will be overwritten in the upgrade, so you will risk loosing data/code. (It is bad practice to store info there, but it is possible) 

Best is to contact the vendor/developers, and test the upgrade by copying the server to a test server and do the upgrade there.

2016.1 to anything

System Methods! Search your codebase for ".$from" and ".$to".

You'll have to change your application code if there are System Methods present present.

Other than that, you might want to update to 2017.1 to take an advantage of Frozen Plans.

Is it possible to test update procedures on dev/test deployment first?