· Sep 26, 2018

Upgrade from Caché 2013.1.7 (Build 974U) to 2017.2.2 (Build 865U_SU): Any experience/known issues/checklists/hints?

Upgrade of custom application

Dear community,

we are a company located in central Germany working with Intersystems Caché since 2003 (Jesus, that's actually a long time in IT).

As we struggle to keep pace with outside development we still operate on Caché 2013.1 surprise

We are, of course, aware that we need to upgrade Caché and therefor plan an upgrade to 2017.2.

Now my question to you bold ObjectScript warriors:

Our application is a medium sized ERPish application with around 250k lines of code. So a bit code to review.

Many thanks for your input in advance and best regards,


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Hi, there is also archive of older checklist available in same documentation, so you can check what changed since version 2013.1 and if it affects your application -

What I see as a problem is the Caché version you mentioned - 2017.2.2 (Build 865U_SU) is SingleUser version, available as download for evaluation purposes. It is not meant for development/production purposes. It also doesn't allow to enter a Caché license key, it has built-in license with single user there.

So I would recommend to contact your InterSystems Sales Rep. or WRC to get the full installation kit for Caché 2017.2.2.

Hi Tomas,

thank you for your insight. And for the hint to the right Caché version!

That was actually the checklist collection I was looking for. Phew, looks like a couple of things to check.

We are in touch with intersystems already, I will place that request for the full license (think we've been mailed a key already).

Thanks again and best regards,