Unable to view the csp webpage by using trail version of cache 2016.1

Beginner, Caché

Hi All,

I am new to this technology and I have installed the trial version of cache 2016.1 with Normal security.

I was trying to develop the sample cinema application and mean while when I tried to view the csp webpage, it opens the browser and ask for login after logging in it shows Service Unavailable error instead of preview of webpage.

Could you guys suggest an answer to resolve this issue.

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Unlicensed trial version, have only 1 license unit available. So if you have already opened Studio, connected to this server, this license unit already busy. You may try to close Studio, and all other tools, such as terminal, and System Management Portal, and try again.

The key bit of information here is the 'service unavailable' error being returned rather than say a 'not authorized' or 'not found' errors. By default when out of licenses we return the service unavailable error so if anyone else sees this they should check license usage as a first step. If you get not authorized errors it is probably a security issue so check the audit log as this often shows the exact problem.

I think this limitation is unfortunate. Encountering the "Service unavailable" when you're trying to evaluate Caché for the first time might discourage you from continuing.