Jeffrey Semmens · Oct 18, 2016

Unable to create a new Atelier Server connection

I just installed the latest update for Atelier (Version: 1.0.255) and I am trying to add the Ensemble 2016.2 build 736 release to my workspace. It allows me to add all the correct information, test the connection (succeeded) , but the "Finish" button is greyed out so I can't  save the configuration. Anyone else seeing this?

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Looks like the server definition screen no longer allows me certain characters in the connection name. I used to name my server connections like this: "Ensemble 2016.2 736". This used to work fine. Now I get no "Finish" button unless I take out the white space and possibly the period. I ended up creating the following with no issues: "Ensemble2016p2b736"

Certain characters are not allowed in the Server Connection name - spaces, accented letters, etc. When an invalid character is entered in the Connection Name field, the Finish button should be grayed out and an error displayed at the top of the Server Connection Configuration window: "Illegal connection name. Please edit and try again."

Any related error message should be kept if there is any invalid input.

For example, the error message "Illegal connection name. Please edit and try again." is replaced with the message “Connection succeeded” even the Finish button is still grayed if I filled out all other input values and click the ‘Test Connection’.

If I didn’t notice the illegal connection name at the first input, it takes some time to recognize what is wrong.



Agreed, that could be confusing. I filed an enhancement request to retain error messages in the Server Connection Configuration dialog as long as the problem persists.