Yone Moreno · Oct 4, 2022

[Off-Topic] How would you encourage or teach your passion about computers and electronics / and or programming to your kids or teens, or even adult sons / daughters?


Thank you for reading this question, and thank you for your time and replies.

I was wondering which ways, tools, mechanisms, or vias would you recommend to teach to kids, teens, adults, being your sons / daughters or not; your passion or likelihood for programming and computers?

I know there are some programming free games like the following ones:








However, what would you suggest, recommend, to teach or share with other people your interest in computers and programming?

Thanks for your replies.


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  • first I check the logical qualification - e.g. playing chess
  • next check the skills in estimating results of simple mathematical calculations  or simple mechanical ckecks or puzzle strategies (without paper and pencil) 
  • next, I observe the operation of their mobile phone and ask for explanations
  • the very last might be t take a look into suggestions like yours

With 2 very successful sons in software, internet, and project engineering (49yrs. + 36yrs.)
I have a valid benchmark for my strategy.