Rodolfo Moreira · Dec 3, 2020

TLSv1.2 at Caché 2012.1.2

Hello, I have an SSL / TLS configuration that used TLSv1.0 encryption.

However, I need to update to the TLS 1.2 version of encryption, and apparently Caché 2012.1 does not support it according to this link:

Can I add a library to the Cache, enable TLSv1.2 in some way, or just a version update?

Product version: Caché 2012.1
$ZV: Cache for UNIX (Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 for x86-64) 2012.1.2 (Build 702_0_11663) Tue Jun 19 2012 15:24:54 EDT
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Hello Rodolfo,

There is no supported method to update OpenSSL (thereby getting TLS 1.2 support) other than to upgrade your Caché version. Your current version of Caché is quite old so this would be a great opportunity to get onto something more modern.

To add to this, given that you're concerned with security and want to use TLS 1.2, you should strongly consider upgrading, as 2012.1.2 has a number of security issues that have been fixed over the years.