Scott Roth · Aug 12, 2020

Is there a way to trigger system functions from Alerting in Ensemble

We have a vendor that every couple of days will just stop transmitting messages, but still hold the TCP/IP connection open. No matter how many times we troubleshoot and talk with them, they don't seem to think its an issue with system.  Normally if I just restart the service it will get the data flowing again.

I know ideal is for them to fix the issue, but in the meantime I have setup an Inactivity time out alert.  I was wondering with the correct filtering if there was a way to say if the Inactivity Alert is triggered during the business day, to have the Alert trigger a restart of the service?



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Have you considered setting Stay Connected on the business service? This will cause the service to close the connection automatically after a specified amount of idle time since the last message arrived. The upstream system can then reconnect whenever it wants.

Yes we have played around with that setting, to no avail. Its like the Vendor just pauses sending us data, never realizes it, or restarts their connection.  Currently StayConnected is set to 120, but when they trigger this issue its like the connection is hung.

It's strange that with StayConnected set to 120 the service is not closing the connection. WRC could help figure out why we're not disconnecting.

You can use this method to programmatically disable/stop and re-enable the service:
s tSC=##class(Ens.Director).EnableConfigItem("Demo.HL7.TCPService",0)