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Not entirely sure what you are looking to do, but Zen reports does support the following

1. Use of the parameter DATASOURCE that can be used to provide the XML ReportDefinition component (file based)    [ Parameter DATASOURCE = "vareport.xml";  ]

2. Use of the <CALL> tag to allow for direct insertion of XML into the ReportDefinition component  (stream based)   [ <call method="ProcessBreakdone"></call> ]

3. Use of the <INCLUDE> tag to allow for direct xdata insertion into the ReportDefinition component                             [ <include xdata="CustomRowElem" /> ]

Either of these can be used to create the XML of the ReportDefinition section, and then use those entries in your ReportDisplay section.

Thanks Julie


Yes, excel does not look at your ReportDisplay xdata at all - it only looks at your ReportDefinition xdata. Any item defined in there is included within the excel output. The only way to control whether entries appear in your ReportDefinition based on mode would be to change to a call method so that you could have the flexibility to control what is in the stream.

Thanks Julie

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