· Feb 21, 2020 1m read

Terminal connection from vs code to local instance (one way)

I was searching for the most simple way to connect from visual studio code to my local instance via terminal without having to change any window.

I know this can also be achieved via telnet but seems a bit overhead if you're in your local machine.

For me the simplest sollution is to open a terminal window in VS Code, navigate to the /bin folder of your instance installation and run .\csession.exe INSTANCENAME

For simplicity you can just include your /bin folder in your path so you don't even need to navigate there

In fact if you've added some remote instances as remote conexions on your instance, you can also access them.

That's it!

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Hi Mathew!

Nice! Thanks for sharing!

If you have Docker addon installed and use docker-compose files the another option to connect to a local IRIS instance on docker in VSCode is:

1. Run the docker container  (right-click on docker-compose.yml -> restart)

2. Open terminal to a running container and start IRIS session:

$ iris session iris

You can reproduce the approach with this template repo on Open Exchange.