· Nov 13, 2023

Technology Bonuses for InterSystems Java Programming Contest 2023

Hi Developers!

Here are the technology bonuses for the InterSystems Java Programming Contest 2023 that will give you extra points in the voting:

  • Java Gateway usage - 2
  • Java Native API usage - 2
  • Java PEX Interoperability - 4
  • Java XEP Usage- 2
  • LLM AI or LangChain usage: Chat GPT, Bard and others - 3
  • InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL Usage - 3
  • Community Java libs: Hibernate and Liquibase - 2
  • Questionnaire - 2
  • Docker container usage - 2 
  • IPM Package deployment - 2
  • Online Demo - 2
  • Implement InterSystems Community Idea - 4
  • Find a bug in InterSystems IRIS Java Offerings - 2
  • New First Article on Developer Community - 2
  • New Second Article on Developer Community - 1
  • First Time Contribution - 3
  • Video on YouTube - 3

See the details below.<--break-><--break->

Java Gateway - 2 points
InterSystems IRIS has Java Gateway which provides an easy way for IRIS to interoperate with Java components.

Java Native API - 2 points

InterSystems IRIS introduces a Java Native API library that helps to interact with InterSystems IRIS from java. Use it and collect 2 extra points for your application.

Java Pex Interoperability - 4 points

InterSystems IRIS has Java Pex Interoperability module that provides the option to develop InterSystems Interoperability productions from Java. Use it and collect 4 extra points for your application. Here is a pex-demo application.

Java XEP Usage- 2

Java XEP is an InterSystems Java library that introduces high-performance persistence technology for Java object hierarchies. Use it and collect 2 more bonus points. Learn more on JAVA XEP.

Community Java libs: Hibernate and Liquibase - 2

Use Community Hibernate and Liquibase libs and collect 2 additional bonus points for each.

LLM AI or LangChain usage: Chat GPT, Bard and others - 3 points

Collect 3 bonus expert points for building a solution that uses LangChain libs or Large Language Models (LLM) such as ChatGPT, Bard and other AI engines like PaLMLLaMA and more. AutoGPT usage counts too.

A few examples already could be found in Open Exchange: iris-openai, chatGPT telegram bot.

Here is an article with langchain usage example.

IRIS Cloud SQL Usage -3 points

Use InterSystems IRIS Cloud SQL in your solution and get 3 points more. You can deploy IRIS Cloud server here.

Questionnaire - 2

Share your feedback in the questionnaire(TBD)  and collect 2 extra points.

Docker container usage - 2 points

The application gets a 'Docker container' bonus if it uses InterSystems IRIS  running in a docker container. Here is the simplest template to start from.

ZPM Package deployment - 2 points

You can collect the bonus if you build and publish the ZPM(InterSystems Package Manager) package for your Full-Stack application so it could be deployed with:

zpm "install your-multi-model-solution"

command on IRIS with ZPM client installed. 

ZPM client. Documentation.

Online Demo of your project - 2 points
Collect 2 more bonus points if you provision your project to the cloud as an online demo at any public hosting.  

Implement Community Opportunity Idea - 4 points

Implement any idea from the InterSystems Community Ideas portal which has the "Community Opportunity" status. This will give you 4 additional bonus points.

Find a bug in InterSystems IRIS Java Offerings - 2 points
We want the broader adoption of InterSystems Java offerings so we encourage you to report the bugs you will face during the development of your java application with IRIS in order to fix it. Please submit the bug here in a form of issue and how to reproduce it. You can collect 2 bonus points for the first reproducible bug.

New First Article on Developer Community - 2 points

Write a brand new article on Developer Community that describes the features of your project and how to work with it. Collect 2 points for the article.

New Second Article on Developer Community - 1 point

You can collect one more bonus point for the second new article or the translation regarding the application. The 3rd and more will not bring more points but the attention will all be yours.

First-Time Contribution - 3 points

Collect 3 bonus points if you participate in InterSystems Open Exchange contests for the first time!

Video on YouTube - 3 points

Make new YouTube videos that demonstrate your product in action and collect 3 bonus points per each.

The list of bonuses is subject to change. Stay tuned!

Good luck in the competition!

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Looks like there are some conflicts in the points...

Java Native has 2 and then 3 points.

Here the LLM has 3, 4 and 6 points...

LLM AI or LangChain usage: Chat GPT, Bard and others - 3
LLM AI or LangChain usage: Chat GPT, Bard and others - 4 points
Collect 6 bonus expert points for building a solution that uses LangChain libs or Large Language Models (LLM)