· Jul 2, 2022

Technical Dictionary for translations

I just met a personal challenge translating my article to French.
Tough I had to learn it at school and could read and understand
famous literature (Sartre, Molière, Mauriac, Proust, Saint-Exupéry, Anouilh, ...) 
I missed the specific terms used with ISC technology.
Thanks to @Lorenzo Scalese my errors were corrected.
But no dictionary was able to answer. 
Especially as English is gender-neutral the individual gender in other languages is just undefined.

- Is there anywhere a Dictionary in ISC to cover this issue?

What I'm looking for may look like this table

Gobal Global m Globale f
Node Node, Knoten m noeud m
Subscript Subscript m subscript m
Data Daten f valeur m
Database Datenbank f ??  
File File n ?  
Directory Verzzeichnis n ?  
Class Klasse f classe ?

We do not run a German community so this is just an example.
I count on native speakers to enrich this ISC _Dictionary


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