· Aug 22, 2017



Does anybody know what happend to %SYS.GSET routine in Cache 2016 ?

In Cache 2013 it still existed, I didn't find anything about it in Cache realese notes 2014 and 2015.


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Thanks John

I'm afraid that's not entirely correct.

%GSET existed until Cache 5. Then it was changed to %SYS.GSET.

I do see %GSET in our new 2016 installations, but it does Not function same as SYS.GSET.

For example - one could Do ^%GSET and Do ^%SYS.GSET, in the 2016 %GSET you can't do it, you must supply some parameters.

OK Intersystems confirms that as from 2015 they moved back from %SYS.GSET to %GSIZE, and the new %GSIZE dosen't function the same.

They also confirmed that they didn't bother to document the changed because they thought that nobdy is using it' since it was supposed to be an internal function.

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