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Andreas Dieckow · Jan 11, 2019

Support for Windows Server 2019

InterSystems is currently verifying InterSystems IRIS 2019.1 with Windows Server 2019. This work is scheduled to complete by the end of January  2019. In the second half of this month InterSystems will add Caché/Ensemble 2018.1.2 to be verified on this platform.

As we get closer to the completion of those tasks, I will update this post with information on release dates, and which products and version will support Windows Server 2019.

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Hi Andreas,

I was wondering if the following version of HealthShare is included in the verification process for Windows Server 2019 and if you know how many weeks away this might be?


Many Thanks,

We currently anticipate that this version will be supported on Windows Server 2019, but we will have to wait for the conclusion of our verification process to be sure.

Hi Sean, that version is supported on Windows Server 2019.

Hi Andreas, thanks for the update.

InterSystems has completed the verification process for running our products on Windows Server 2019.

  • InterSystems IRIS is now supported with 2019.1 and later
  • Caché and Ensemble are now supported with version 2017.2 and later

InterSystems found no issues and existing kits are supported.