Oliver Wilms · Apr 9, 2020

Support for Standards built in? FHIR I know is supported, how about OAGIS, FERPA CEDS, PSD2/SWIFT, NIEM?


I was wondering if InterSystems has support for the following standards built into IRIS or Health Connect / Ensemble:

1.        Healthcare FHIR(Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resource) Protocol

2.        Enterprise Resource Planning OAGIS (Open Applications Group Integration Specification) Protocol / Supply Chain Management GS1-EPCIS (Electronic Product Code Information Services)

3.        Education, Certification, Credentials FERPA CEDS (Common Education Data Standards) Protocol

4.        Open Banking PSD2 /SWIFT (Payments Services Directive/Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication) Protocol

5.        Federal, State and Local Government NIEM (National Information Exchange Model ) Protocol

If not, has anybody utilized Iris or Ensemble for these kind of messages?




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InterSystems has extensive support for FHIR, including the newest version, R4. Here is a link:

You may also be interested in an upcoming Webinar in which we will explain how API management can be used with FHIR:

In terms of the other standards you mentioned, I am not aware of any specific support in the product. There are hundreds of protocols that exists, and we try to support the most popular and in-demand by our customers. Do you have a specific use case in mind for one of these other protocols?


Thanks for your reply. Can Intersystems get us a list of the standards they presently support for their existing customers (FHIR, HL7v2.3, 2.4 0r 2.5, Edi or X12, etc.)?

From this list we can xmap to our requested protocol and determine if any gaps exist for other protocols.


Oliver and Terry