Suggestion to encourage better placed comments about questions and answers

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It's good to see growing participation in DC. However, sometimes I think that responses posted as Answers to Questions would be better classified as Comments. For example, the respondent could be seeking clarification about the original question (e.g. "What Caché version are you using?"), or perhaps following up someone else's answer or comment.

I wonder if a few UI tweaks might help. For example, consider the screenshot below, taken from this thread:

I have highlighted two links. The first, "Add new comment", appears below an answer. The second, "Add comment", is below a comment.

Might it be clearer to label them "Comment on this answer" and "Comment on this comment"?

Following that pattern, the "Add new comment" link under the question itself could be labelled "Comment on this question".

Additionally, perhaps the caption of the "Your Answer" text editor could be improved:


How about appending some extra hint text to the caption? For example:

Hint: the Comment link(s) above may be a better place to enter your response


Hi, John!

This is very good input, we'll improve that, thank you!