· Aug 9, 2016

Storage Management

We want to isolate the storage of our CCDAs from our HL7 V2 data, but keep them under the same namespace. From my understanding, I should create a new database then store those classes related to CCDAs in that database. Is this the correct approach?

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Storage depends on where you store the data (object, tables), not where you store classes.  The classes that manage these all reside in the HSLIB database.

Don't know if you are asking about Health Connect or Information Exchange.  If it's the latter, this is managed by where you set up an edge gateway namespace & database to handle the HL7v2 inputs, vs. where you set up the IHE XDSb repository and namespace which stores documents that have been provided and registered.  They would all be managed by the single common registry namespace and database.  If it's the former, it's completely up to you about how to store the data.  You would store them in different globals, and your namespace can map the globals to different databases.