· Sep 18, 2021

Standing up Local Instance with Cache.DAT file

Hello everyone. I am hoping someone here can help me get my local instance running. I have set up these local instances in the past (pre IRIS) and never had much trouble, but I have spent so much time the last couple days trying to work through this problem and am out of ideas. It has been years since I have set up a local instance so this could be something I am doing wrong, but I am open to any suggestions. I am trying to setup a Vista database like I have in the past by creating a new database and namespace named VISTA, have created a folder with the FOIA .DAT file which unless I am mistaken, has the most recent routines from Vista. The issue is when I try to mount the database, I am getting this error: ERROR #94: Total size of all databases would exceed the licensed amount. 

Am I misunderstanding what is going on or is Intersystems really not allowing users with the free license enough space to hold these routines? When using ^%CD to switch namespaces, I see VISTA on the list but am seeing [Namespace "VISTA" is not available.] when trying to select it. I am assuming this is only happening because I am unable to mount the database. I tried just setting up the .DAT file under USER, but when I point it to VISTA, I am unable to launch the terminal. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks.



Product version: IRIS 2021.1
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All may not be lost; you may just need a different (smaller) FOIA database. Indian Health Service uses an offshoot of the VA's VistA Database which IHS calls RPMS (Resource and Patient Management System). As IHS is a government entity, they also have to release a FOIA version of their database, and last I checked it's around 4G, which should allow you to run it under the free release of IRIS.

I will warn you - a lot of the menus will look different and there's a lot of added / modified functionality due to the database customization to bring it inline for the needs of the Native American population, but the core is still VistA and can still be used free as a learning tool.

To download it, go here:

and click on the FOIA link to see the .zip downloads. The most recent version was released on 03 March 2021. Oh, and for some reason, Firefox on Linux tries to download the .zip as a .pdf, so either use Chrome or download it and manually change the extension back to .zip to extract the database.

Hope this helps!

what is the size of your DBs?
   ref:  ERROR #94: Total size of all databases would exceed the licensed amount.
   just gives a reason.
 could be there are parts you don't need at all.
you talk about ROUTINES - > 10GB of routine sounds rather unrealistic.
So splitting routines from globals  might be a useful exercise.
In addition the size of Db does  say nothing of the size of the content. 
some GBLOCKCOPY may help to shrink the DB.
And as you write Cache.DAT why not do it on Caché if you did this before ?