· May 10, 2019

SQL query with Count function running slow

Cache version: Cache for Windows (x86-64) 2017.2.1 (Build 801_3U)

Good Afternoon,

I have a co-worker who is trying to run the below query via ODBC. The issue is that the query appears to be running extremely slow (nearly 2 hours).

SELECT A.RecNo, T.SDSInstID, T.TranEffectDate, COUNT(T.InternalTXID) as NoofTransactions
FROM SDS_DATA._Transaction T
on A.BankAccountBSB = T.BankAccountBSB
and A.BankAccountNo = T.BankAccountNo
GROUP BY A.RecNo, T.SDSInstID, T.TranEffectDate


 Below is the generated query plan

Statement Text

DECLARE QRS CURSOR FOR SELECT A . RecNo , T . SDSInstID , T . TranEffectDate , COUNT ( T . InternalTXID ) AS NoofTransactions FROM SDS_DATA . _Transaction T INNER JOIN SDS_DATA . DataFeed A ON A . BankAccountBSB = T . BankAccountBSB AND A . BankAccountNo = T . BankAccountNo WHERE T . TranEffectDate >= DATEADD ( yy , - ? , CURRENT_DATE ) GROUP BY A . RecNo , T . SDSInstID , T . TranEffectDate


Query Plan

Relative cost = 119327452

  • Call module C, which populates temp-file B.

  • Read temp-file B, looping on the hashing subscript.

  • For each row:
  • Output the row.


module C

  • Call module B, which populates bitmap temp-file A.

  • Read bitmap temp-file A, looping on ID.

  • For each row:
  • Read master map SDS_Data._Transaction.IDKEY, using the given idkey value.
    Read index map SDS_Data.DataFeed.BSBAccountNoIndex, using the given %SQLUPPER(BankAccountBSB) and %SQLUPPER(BankAccountNo), and looping on ID.
    For each row:
    Read master map SDS_Data.DataFeed.IDKEY, using the given idkey value.
    Check distinct values for RecNo, %SQLUPPER(SDSInstID), and TranEffectDate using temp-file B,
    subscripted by a hashing of these values.
    For each distinct row:
    Add a row to temp-file B, subscripted by the hashing,
    with node data of InternalTXID, TranEffectDate, %SQLUPPER(SDSInstID), and RecNo.
    Update the accumulated count(InternalTXID) in temp-file B,
    subscripted by the hashing.


module B

  • Read bitmap index SDS_Data._Transaction.TranEffectDateIndex, looping on TranEffectDate and bitmap chunks.

  • For each bitmap chunk:
  • OR the bitmap chunk into bitmap temp-file A.






Numbers wise there are approximately 50,611 datafeed records and 12,098,782 transaction records. The transaction table gorws by approx. 50,000 records a day.

Would anyone here have any advice as to how I can increase performance for this query?

Thanks in advance,


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In 2017 and above you can use %Parallel mentioned here:

Off the top of my mind I'm not positive how to incorporate into your query, but I have achieved enormous performance improvements using %Parallel in sub queries so it may be worth a few simple 'show plan' tests.  As mentioned above ensuring you have the proper indexes would be my first step here as well.