· Apr 10, 2022

SQL query confusion

Hi Guys,

I'm a bit confused where if I run a query trough SMP I don't get any result which should be true but if I run the same query from a classmethod I get a query result which shouldn’t be even if I pass any gibberish parameter into my class method because I'm sure there should be any data? see attached  





Product version: Caché 2014.1
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Class dc.test Extends %Persistent

Property As %Integer;

ClassMethod Test()


  &sql(insert into dc.test(Fvalues(22))
  &sql(insert into dc.test(Fvalues(11))

  label "00007I0Q"
  &sql(select ID into :cnt from dc.test where ID :label)


Output for Caché 2018.1:


Output for IRIS 2021.2:


PS: it is a pity that my answer was ignored.