· Apr 9, 2021 1m read

Splitting an IRIS db to multiple drives

I'm looking for a way to have an IRIS db distributed over several (hw) drives.  
Without touching the internal data structures (e.g. mapping) !  
Are there any options in file systems to achieve this "splitting" or "appending" ? 

Historic background:

  • Once upon a time CPUs worked on 32 bit
  • Files could mostly not be larger than 2 GB
  • And Caché had a (forgotten) option to EXTEND a db to a next file of another 2 GB max. and a next ...

This EXTENT was excellently suited to move fresh and active data
to a faster spindle for more performance.


[ oh dear!
  Spindles are gone meanwhile with SSD and Virtual Storage Arrays
  they only survived in museums and old fairy tales to sleep 100 years ] 

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