· Nov 29, 2018

Special Char % in SQL Query

Hello everyone,

I try excuting a SQL Query like this SELECT ID, CompanyName FROM Company WHERE CompanyName LIKE 'condition' 

But if I want to search CompanyName have special char %, ex: '100% Co' , 'Group of Mr.%', 'The %TaxProp'...

How can I take % to query, with  

SELECT ID, CompanyName FROM Table1 WHERE CompanyName LIKE '%%%' 

it'll get all record in table.

Someone give me an idea. Thanks so much!

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Check LIKE documentation:

ESCAPE permits the use of a wildcard character as a literal character within pattern. ESCAPE char, if provided and if it is a single character, indicates that any character directly following it in pattern is to be understood as a literal character, rather than a wildcard or formatting character. The following example shows the use of ESCAPE to return values that contain the string '_SYS':

WHERE symbol_field LIKE '%\_SYS%' ESCAPE '\'

So in your case:

SELECT ID, CompanyName
FROM Table1
WHERE CompanyName LIKE '%\%%' ESCAPE '\'