· Jan 17, 2018


Hello all, I created a web service and I am trying to access it using SoapUI but I get this error:

<text>ERROR #5002: Cache error: &lt;PROTECT>zGetMsgClass+3^%SOAP.WebService.1 ^oddCOM("TestWeb.Service.TestWebSoap",85,"P",0,"soapAction",""),h:\dev5\</text>

It appears to be trying to make an entry in the ^oddCOM global, but is getting a PROTECT error. 

I also tried a .NET app where I added the service using the WSDL. In .NET I get "Internal Server Error" so I'm assuming it's the same error.

Any ideas welcome. 

Thanks, Malcolm.

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It seems you try to call ans Action that is not defined / compiled

  /// Get class name for a message descriptor class for this web method based on the SOAPAction
Method GetMsgClass(action As %String, messageChildlist As %Integer, Output methodName As %String, bodyStream As %GlobalCharacterStream = "") As %String [ Internal, ServerOnly = 1 ]
Set (methodName,className,msgClass,methodList)=""
Set class=$classname()

Set methodList=$get($$$SOAPParametersSoapActionList(class,action))
>>>> this is line +3   ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^

this translates to and there is no attempt to write something. 

#define SOAPParametersSoapActionList(%class,%soapAction) ^oddCOM(%class,$$$cCLASSxmldata,"P",0,"soapAction",$select(%soapAction="":$c(0),1:%soapAction))

But finally: . . . .  stNow"),h:\dev5\</text>

Does your Caché Server Instance have access right to  the bolded directory location ????  This smells like  <PROTECT>