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A Small Code Bot to Bump Package Version Automatically

Hello fellow developers!

When developing with ObjectScript Package Manager, one crucial thing is the package version, which we place in the module.xml file. When we add changes to the package and are ready to publish a new version of the package in the registry, we also need to increase the version number. This is clear, but it is annoying, and we can often forget to do that. 

This small article will help you to automate such a process.

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Consider you are using Github with your code repository. I this case, it is possible to use Github Actions and Github bot that will, for example, increase module version with every push into the main or main branch of the repository.

Add the following file into the ./github/workflows folder of your repository:


name: versionbump




- master

- main



- master

- main



- released



runs-on: ubuntu-latest


- uses: actions/checkout@v2

- name: Bump version

run: |

git config --global 'ProjectBot'

git config --global ''

VERSION=$(sed -n '0,/.*<Version>\(.*\)<\/Version>.*/s//\1/p' module.xml)

VERSION=`echo $VERSION | awk -F. '/[0-9]+\./{$NF++;print}' OFS=.`

sed -i "0,/<Version>\(.*\)<\/Version>/s//<Version>$VERSION<\/Version>/" module.xml

git add module.xml

git commit -m 'auto bump version'

git push

As you can see, this Github Actions workflow scenario contains one Bump version section that uses ProjectBot user of Github to make changes in module.xml and increase the package version.

That's it! I placed the automation file in the basic template for development. So if you add this file to your repository, the automation will perform automatically.

All credits go to @Dmitry Maslennikov and his project and Github for introducing such a handy tool for developers.

Happy coding! 

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