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Something For Nothing or How to Make Github Run Your UnitTests

Hi Developers!

This is yet another short post that is intended to simplify developers' life. Now we'll talk about how to make GitHub run unit tests with every push to the repository by adding just one file to the repo. For free.  On Github Cloud. Sounds great, isn't it?

It is possible and very easy to do. Credit goes to @Dmitry Maslennikov (and his repo), ZPM Package Manager, and GitHub Actions.  Let's see how this all works!

Something for Nothing by Robert Sheckley - YouTube

Let's take a repo with tests first, e.g. the basic IRIS template

Also, let's assume that you load your dev code to IRIS docker using ZPM. If not, take a look the video on how to do this. 

In this particular repo, it goes with the following line and with the presence of module.xml:

    zpm "load /home/irisowner/irisbuild/ -v":1:1

Next, let's add a GitHub Actions scenario that will perform building the image and running tests:

name: unittest

      - master
      - main
      - master
      - main
      - released

    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
      - uses: actions/checkout@v2
      - name: Build and Test
        uses: docker/build-push-action@v2
          context: .
          push: false
          load: true
          tags: ${{ github.repository }}:${{ github.sha }}
          build-args: TESTS=1

This scenario builds docker image using Dockerfile of the repository on every push or pull-request to the master or the main branch.

There is an additional line that transfers TESTS=1 variable to Dockerfile:

          build-args: TESTS=1

This argument is evaluated in the Dockerfile and in case TESTS=1 it runs tests of zpm package of the repository:

    ([ $TESTS -eq 0 ] || iris session iris -U $NAMESPACE "##class(%ZPM.PackageManager).Shell(\"test $MODULE -v -only\",1,1)") && \

This line checks $TESTS parameter and if it doesn't not equal to 0 it opens the iris session in $NAMESPACE (IRISAPP in this case) and runs ZPM command:

test $MODULE -v -only

-only flag runs only the test without loading module (as it was loaded before in the docker build scenario).

Module name is set via $MODULE="dc-sample-template" in this case:

ARG MODULE="dc-sample-template"

The command will run all the unittests we mentioned in ZPM module. In this case, we state it with this line:

      <UnitTest Name="/tests" Package="dc.sample.unittests" Phase="test"/>

which means that unit tests are situated in /tests folder of the repository and the resource is dc.sample.unittests class package that has two classes.

This scenario will build the image of your repository on the GitHub cloud and run tests for every push or pull request to the master branch!

Let's see how it works!

Test42 method expects the method dc.sample.ObjectScript).Test() to return 42.

Let's change the line to 43 and send the pull-request. We can see (in the Actions section ) that the pull request initiated the Github Action Indeed, the build failed:

And the details of the phase say that Test42() failed on AssertEquals 42 =43:

Github also sends email notifications of failed CI builds.

Note: to run tests locally just call:

USER>zpm test "module-name"

And if we turn the value of the variable back to 42 the tests will be OK!

And if this is a Pull-Request you can see the result of CI in the special section Checks:

That's it! 

To sum up making GitHub running (for free!) docker builds and unittests of InterSystems IRIS projects on pushes or pull-requests needs the one CI Github Actions scenario, that will be the same in every project, and three lines in Dockerfile:

ZPM $MODULE name - this needs to be updated with every project,

$TEST parameter,

and the RUN TEST line.

And use the ZPM Package Manager!

Open to comments and feedback, and happy coding!

P.S. the title image is related to one of my favorite SF writers Robert Sheckley's story "Something for Nothing" - here it is in audio too, enjoy!

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