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Settings that need to be copied when migrating the server

InterSystems FAQ rubric

If you need to migrate your server for some reason, you can reduce the setup work by copying configuration information from the pre-migration environment to the post-migration environment.

The following setting information can be migrated.

  • iris.cpf
  • SQL gateway settings
  • web gateway settings *Note 1
  • user-created routines etc. stored in the IRISSYS database *Note 2
  • security settings
  • task settings

Note 1: If a password has been set, only the password needs to be reset manually.
Note 2: Preferred connection server settings such as ^%ZSTART, ^ZMIRROR routines, etc. can be physically migrated, but the Windows registry information must be copied.

Copying registry information and migrating it to another system is usually not a recommended method.

Server Migration Guide

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