Tim Miller · Sep 5, 2019

Setting up sFTP operations

So we are in the midst of setting up a bunch of sFTP operations where we will have Ensemble send files to our various customers.

My questions about the set up are these:

1) For a simple test, I set up an Operation using EnsLib.FTP.PassthroughOperation.  Is this the one I should be using?

2) if the receiving system has a username and password, then all I have to do is put that username and password into a Credential and assign that credential to my operation correct?

3) if the receiving system's directory is just the root directory, do I need to put anything in File Path?

4) Since this is an sFTP, I set the port to 22.  My question is, since this is an sFTP, do I also need to set up an SSL Configuration?  If so, what needs to be in it?

I am asking these because I was unable to connect to the site via Ensemble.  However, if I went into Linux and did the sFTP operation, everything worked.

Just trying to figure out what I did wrong on the Ensemble operation set up.




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1. Sure, this will work find for just passing a file through to the target system.

2. Yes. You can use public/private key authentication as well.

3. Do you really want to put the files into the root directory? Normally, a FTP/SFTP server will default to the "home" directory for the account your operation logs in under. If you don't specify a path, that's where the data you're transferring will end up. If the account has its home directory set to the root directory and has permission to write there, your files will end up there.

4. You'll need to set the SSL configuration to the special value "!SFTP". There's no profile for it; it's just an indicator for the operation that you'll be using the SFTP protocol.